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Eid ul Adha Prayer Timings

Assalaamu alaikum, please click on the above image for details on Eid Prayers.

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Eid ul Adha

Assalaamu alaikum, There has been confirmed and verified sighting of hilal for the month of Zul-Hijjah from North America ( *yuba city, California) on the eve of Thursday 1st August 2019, 29th Zul-Qa’dah. Therefore, Friday 2nd August 2019 is the 1st of Zul-Hijjah. Eid ul Adha will be on Sunday August 11 2019. JazakAllahu khairan

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Eid Prayers

Isha Allah, 1st Eid Prayer will start at 6:00 AM - sharp. 2nd Eid Prayer will begin at 7:30 AM - sharp. The Fajr Prayer timing during Eid is as follows: Adhan - 4:30 AM Iqamah - 4:45 AM Sadaqh Fitr for 2019: $5 - Wheat $20 - Barley $45 - Dates $50 - Raisins Note: The date of Eid will be posted based on the confirmed sighting of the moon. Stay tuned. Zazak Allah

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Youth Ihtikaaf Camp

For the first time ever, SSCI is hosting a Youth Ihtikaaf Camp and lots of kids have signed up. The masjid is filled with tents as kids enjoy the remaining nights of Ramadan while benefiting from it. Please make dua that Allah accepts their efforts, Ameen!

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